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Welcome to "Search a Trader" our tradesman directory website. Search a trader is a simple way to find tradesman in your local area. Our tradesmen directory has thousands of trades people listed all in one place. To find a tradesman in your area simply select a trade, enter a post code and hit search.

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We use your postcode to find suitable tradesman around your street, town or city. You can then select how near to you your search for a tradesmen will be. Stick inside your local area or search further afield to find the best tradesman suited to your needs.

Hiring a local tradesman does not only help your local community but it helps give you peace of mind knowing the tradesman working on your home is only from round the corner.

Hire a Tradesmen

Once you have found a tradesman in your area the next thing to do is provide us with some information about your job. Provide us with a job description and we will send it to local tradesmen who will give you a completely free personalised quote. you can get up to three quote for any one job. Get started now!

Builders and Tradesmen found on this site are happy to provide you with no obligation quotes so you know how much the work will cost you from the start. Don't get stung Hiring Builders that don't quote work upfront.